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Selenium RC Server 1.0.3 Browser Types

This is just a list of possible browser types to use for the Selenium Browser String value.


Test automation suite using C#, MSTest and Selenium – Introduction

With my most recent project I have been given the chance to build a test automation suite with no ties to existing test automation design or xUnit tools. I wanted to take advantage to as much of the Microsoft Visual Studio Test tools because having the test cases, defects, and developer work items all in one place with a TFS server was the direction the whole development team agreed upon. Previously I had done some prototyping with test unit frameworks but was still stuck to NUnit and WatiN because of a department policy. WatiN and NUnit ran very successfully for IE but with the browser usage trends changing there is a lot of pressure for multi-browser support.

Creating a test suite that would run on every browser consistently can prove to be a difficult task when you are at the mercy of the browser automation tools. There are a lot of tools out there like Galileo, WatiN, WebAii, etc.. that all claim to have multi-browser support. Much improvement has been made recently among all these tools but at the time Selenium was the only one I could get working on all browser and operating systems quickly and consistently. Having the Selenium IDE test recorder was also a big help.

There are a lot more factors in creating a full suite for all types of applications (Windows Services, API’s, websites, etc..) that also proved to be very successfully introduced using Visual Studio Test Professional and MSTest. For this article series I will focus on the website test automation portion as the goal. In later articles I will show how to add C# projects to the solution to cover other application test suites and use a common configuration, versioning, and tool set.